Which Curble Chair is Right for Me?


The backrest covers a bigger surface area, allowing the user to be held comfortably. In summary, the design structure of the Wider model provides more support and is strongly recommended for adults.

The frame of the Comfy model has a softer tension, providing a more flexible backrest. The Comfy model is designed to support the user's tailbone predominantly, allowing you to rest your thighs comfortably on the chair.

Compared to the Wider model, the Comfy model has a flatter seat and a lower spherical angle. Those who are first-time users of Curble Chair will find the Comfy model very comfortable. The Comfy model is recommended for those who believe they have bigger hip and thighs, the middle aged and elderly who are losing muscles in their buttocks, those who lack flexibility, children who need posture correction, pregnant people and people who use wheelchairs due to a disability.


Compared to the Comfy model, the tension of Curble Chair's Wider's frame is stiffer and pushes the back of the user more firmly while providing strong support on the entire body.

The seat of the Wider model is 5cm longer and slightly more elevated as compared to the Comfy model. The elevation brings the pelvis together, allowing you to maintain the right posture easier while seated.
The spherical angle of the seat is also deeper, creating more leveraging effect while seated.

Curble Kids


The Kids model is for children ages 12 and younger and has the same design as the Curble Wider model. The Kids model is appropriate for children who weigh between 10 to 35kg (22 - 77lb) and 60 to 150cm (2 - 5ft) tall. Bigger children and adults should use either the Curble Wider or Curble Comfy.