The Easiest Way to Grind Spices

One mill, limitless flavor options with a simple change of a spice pod. Single hand operation, that grinds many spices beyond salt and pepper with no flavor mixing. Easy and fun!


The Joy of Freshly Ground Flavor

Get the goodness of fresh ground spices, regardless of whole spice shape, size, and hardness, with FinaMill, at the push of a button.


3 Easy Steps

The Magic is in the Pod

Interchangeable and refillable spice pods for a world of flavor and double as storage.

Each pod has adjustable grind settings for maximum control.

❝ to create awesome products that infinitely enhance every cooking experience, and celebrate and connect people through flavor. ❞

Alex Liu, Founder of FinaMill
  • Sangria

  • Soft Cream

  • Salmon

  • Stone

  • Sage

  • Midnight Black

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Geat Meals Begin with Great Spices

FinaMill breathes new life into longtime favorite recipes by making freshly-ground flavors convenient.

Once you experience how easy the quest for freshly-ground spices can be, you might never go back to pre-ground spices again.

  • Designed in the USA

  • Every product is food grade, safe to use and BPA FREE

  • Celebrate and connect people through flavor

  • Make this world a better place whenever we can